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NEPVA Chapter Sports Programs

NEPVA's Wheelchair Sports & Recreation Program provides its members and other persons with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a quality sports & recreation program with a variety of activities. NEPVA has been actively involved in providing sports and recreational activities for its members for more than 50 years. A few World War II spinal cord injured veterans started theBrad program. Over the years, NEPVA has continuously supported the idea that participation in sports and recreational activities provides immeasurable benefits to its members. Active participation in sports and recreation activities helps restore low self esteem, helps build good health and hygiene, and helps spinal cord injured persons develop a camaraderie among their peers. Many of the individuals participating in the chapter's sports and recreation activities volunteer to assist in other chapter programs. Volunteering helps to further the growth of NEPVA's other programs, therefore providing more benefits to NEPVA members.

NEPVA Recreation Programs

The Chapter's Recreation Program provides sponsorship for NEPVA members to participate in a variety of recreational activities such as bass fishing, deep sea fishing, tennis, trap shooting, billiards, skiing and rowing, etc. We continue to look to provide more local recreational activities for those members who don't want to travel long distances to participate. NEPVA members can get sponsorship to participate in these different activities by sending in a written request to the NEPVA office and being approved by the NEPVA Board of Directors.